IBIZA WINTER - Winter in Ibiza

- Winter in Ibiza -

Ibiza in Winter is a completely different experience compared to winters in the northern parts of Europe. The beautiful white island is absolutely tranquil and fully green in wintertime.
Winter on Ibiza island is an uplifting experience of wonderful weather, with still lots of warmth and sun in the months of December, January and February.

Occasional rain makes one wear jackets, only every now and then, and the sea breezes are mostly quit warm and refreshing.
Average Ibiza winter temperatures are around 15º C and it is an exception when they drop below zero, even at nights. So changes to witness a white Ibiza, all covered with snow, are extremely small.
We did experience one stormy afternoon, where hail stones fell for some minutes, temporarily changing our garden into a true white island including the icy yard.
In the north, neighbours talked about it for days and some of the older residents said this happened for the second time in their lives. In San Antonio they never saw one hail stone at all......

The islanders complain and say its ’cold’ but visitors from the northern European countries still don’t need extra coats much, and they absolutely enjoy the beauty of this Mediterranean Island while exploring the rural countryside and some of the most beautiful caves and beaches around its coastline.
There are only few tourists around and they all seem to be here for the same thing...... the absolute beauty of Ibiza island and the experience of freedom and nature at its very best.

Ibiza residents come to a well deserved rest now, after yet another exhausting summer in Ibiza and they store their wood, for their traditional fireplaces, during cold winter evenings in their thick-walled fincas.
Houses are being painted on the outside, gardens are cleaned and prepared and the same goes for the swimming pools and roads.
Ibiza islanders comes to a well deserved rest and .........the islands vegetation comes into bloom.


GREEN IBIZA in OFF SEASON - October, November, December

People that have only seen Ibiza island in summertime will be amazed by its intense green forests and countryside fields with many, many colorful flowers and herbs in off-season.
The island itself, its vegetation, is showing off their high season in this quiet period of the year.

This Pine Island exposes many wonderful shades of green, in the winter months when exotic bushes and plants bloom in many colours.

Wonderful scents fill the air, coming from the juicy oranges and lemons that hang on the trees, ready to be picked and eaten. Orchard full of Orange trees with scenting ripe fruits in December.
Green pine forests on Ibiza show beautiful flowers in winter
Abundance everywhere, as well as tranquillity and absolute beauty, an amazing experience of freedom and nature.

Visitors to the island in off season will enjoy peace and quiet, sunny days, deserted beaches, good hotels, wellness retreats and every year more restaurants that are open all year.
Maybe an occasional drop of rain, but again the islanders will say: it never rained that much in autumn, ever before.....

IBIZA in WINTER - January, February, March

- Daytime temperatures raise from 15 up to
  25 degrees, when the sun shines.
- Beaches are quiet, if not deserted, and
  perfect for a stroll.
- Night time temperatures rarely are below 0.
- Exotic plants flower in winter on Ibiza. 
   Fields are in succession white, yellow, orange, purple and red with flowers.
- Grasses bloom.
- Beautiful Almond Blossoms decorate the end of the winter on Ibiza

Nature is at its very best now and everybody waits for the highlight of this period of the year.....


One specific area on Ibiza, an unspoiled valley surrounding the small village named Santa Agnes de Corona (Santa Inés in Catalan), is the centre of everyone’s attention. All await one of the most prettiest displays of nature.....an incredible spectacle of natures beauty.....
Somewhere... between December en February, it all depends on the warmth of the past period, the Almond Trees of Ibiza will start to bloom.
Especially the area surrounding Santa Inés, where extensive almond tree plantations are situated,
offers an incredible spectacle of pinkish-white flowers that form a fluffy blanket covering the valley as far as one can see, for a period of 5 weeks !!

This is considered an annual highlight to many Spanish residents, that now will travel to Ibiza to spent time enjoying the almond blossom in this magical time of the year, symbolizing a new beginning and upcoming spring.
In Santa Inés people gather at full moon in February, to walk along the roads amidst the almond orchards, to experience the amazing splendour, of a silvery, moonlit scenery in the beautiful inlands of Ibiza island.
Many of the locals, think this is the real start of their Ibiza season, for it is a popular occasion for visitors, from Spain and other countries to spent some time on Ibiza.
And busses drive the visitors around the island to enjoy this spectacle of flowering almond trees, in a special Almond Blossom Route.
Especially for the small tiendas in the rural areas this is a busy period in each new year, for all almond-tourists wish to enjoy a nice cafe con leche or a simple meal surrounded by the scents of the almond tree orchards.

  Almond Blossom Route Ibiza - Full Moon Evening Walk in February

Almond Blossom IBIZA

ALMOND BLOSSOM ROUTE IBIZA - Full Moon Night Walk, every Full Moon in February, when the Almond Groves blossom in Ibiza, the annual Almond Blossom route is held by FULL MOON, leading the participants from San Antonio to Santa Ines (Santa Agnes de Corona) in the moonlight, through fragrant almond orchards filled with pink blossom.

  Patron Saint Festivals and Carnival in Ibiza

Patron Saint FestivalS IBIZA + IBIZA CARNIVAL

12 February - Fiesta de Santa Eulària
The Patron Saint Festival will continue for a month where all kinds of events are organized.
22 February  - Carnival Ibiza Town
24 February - Carnival de San Antonio & Sta. Eulalia
28 February  - Carnival Parade Santa Ines (San Antonio)
Carnival parade from Cas Ferrer (the bar on the crossing, 1 Km of Santa Ines) is a costume parade including brass band marching to the village, where there will be a Carnival Party in the Centro Social, with special prices for the best costumes, accompanied by music, soft drinks, snacks and alcoholic drinks.